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This initiative supports governments, industries, civil society, and the financial sector in reaching their energy, climate, and biodiversity targets in a timely and symbiotic manner.

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The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI), is a unique group of transmission system operators (TSOs) and environmental NGOs collaborating on a just, nature-positive energy transition.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), provides organisations with knowledge and resources needed to address environmental challenges and achieve sustainable development. 

Powerline through forest.


Together, we can create a monitoring and reporting framework to track progress in protecting biodiversity while deploying renewables and electricity grids.

The aim of the GINGR Framework is to allow stakeholders to demonstrate progress towards rapid sustainable renewable energy generation and access.


The framework will rely on agreed criteria and existing tools and methodologies for assessing impacts on and restoration of nature (such as the STAR and IBAT frameworks from IUCN).


The goal is to develop a framework that promotes best practices in biodiversity management and conservation whilst facilitating a faster roll-out of renewable energy and electricity grids globally.

Antonella Battaglini, CEO, Renewables Grid Initiative

“RGI is proud to collaborate with IUCN. Together we are committed to develop metrics and tools to assess contributions towards nature positive goals from electricity grids, wind and solar energy infrastructure. We will do this together with all interested stakeholders, because this should be a collaborative and not a competitive effort. Together, we can be more efficient and robust and therefore contribute to faster energy, climate and biodiversity security.”

Are you a...

Renewable energy developer or grid operator eager to speed up the energy transition, but worried about the impact of biodiversity regulations?

Government trying to fight the climate, energy and biodiversity crises, but struggling to prioritise one over the other?

Civil society organisation fighting for stronger climate and biodiversity actions, but are unsure how to reconcile the environmental impacts of energy infrastructure?

Financial institution committed to channel funds towards sustainable investment that can deliver both climate and biodiversity security but struggling to meet both?

Let's co-design the GINGR Framework


Consultations with stakeholders and recruitment of experts to actively join Technical Working Groups.

November 2023

The launch of the initiative at COP28 in Dubai, UAE

December 2024

First discussion papers and preliminary results of technical working groups presented at COP29


The IUCN Secretariat together with the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) are the initiators of GINGR. Both organisations will be jointly leading this effort until a dedicated secretariat is created after the official launch of GINGR. If you or your organisation is interested in co-designing the GINGR Framework, get in touch.

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